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God Would Want me to be an Atheist

Pretty sure I don’t believe in God. (Surprise!) That is probably not surprising to you (lesbian feminist anti-racist bloggers aren’t usually the religious type). But after years of trying to hang on to a steadily wilting pseudo-christianity-cum-agnosticism, it was a bit … Continue reading

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Body Hair Update

At this point, it’s been two years since I stopped altogether, and my thoughts and experiences have aged another year: – I own more skirts now than I have ever owned before, and wear them relatively often. I rarely notice … Continue reading

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Who is more oppressed? (or, Oppression 201)

I recently read TransActivist’s “My message to those who would attend Radfem 2012” post (AND its comments—it all took me almost an hour) and learned more than I have from a blog post in a long time. I highly recommend … Continue reading

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… but really, what’s wrong with being female?

For a while in college, I called myself a man. I honestly have no idea why; even since getting deeper into feminism post-college, I can’t quite articulate the reason for this particular silliness. It really was closer to silliness than … Continue reading

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