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God Would Want me to be an Atheist

Pretty sure I don’t believe in God. (Surprise!) That is probably not surprising to you (lesbian feminist anti-racist bloggers aren’t usually the religious type). But after years of trying to hang on to a steadily wilting pseudo-christianity-cum-agnosticism, it was a bit … Continue reading

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Confronting Casual Racism: All Indians Are Creepy

Recenty I had an opportunity to respond to casual racism while I was at the lake with three of my friends. (Disclaimer: these posts will be about me and my responding-to-racism skills, not about shitting on the folks who make … Continue reading

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To Do: Find and Practice Responses to Casual Racism

Much of the personal growth I’ve made over the last couple of years has been related to speaking more honestly and directly. Whether it’s in conflict resolution, support for friends who are hurting, working with kids, or just having a … Continue reading

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Religion and Accountable Talk

Welp. So much for coming out being easy. My mother flew down here the day after I told her I had a girlfriend. Yesterday she bought a plane ticket to head back a day earlier than planned. The worst is … Continue reading

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