Body Hair Update

At this point, it’s been two years since I stopped altogether, and my thoughts and experiences have aged another year:

– I own more skirts now than I have ever owned before, and wear them relatively often. I rarely notice people glancing at my legs, and when I do I’m pleased to note that it’s usually just that–glancing, not staring.
– I have more affection for my armpit hair now than I do for my leg hair. I love how sexual it is, in a way. I also like the smell and feel of men’s deodorant much more than women’s–which doesn’t slip or spray on easily on hairy pits. (By the way, the most common question I get about this is whether or not it increases my B.O., which I can’t answer conclusively either way. My hunch is no, only because I haven’t particularly noticed.)
– I still get a bit self-conscious wearing swimsuits that show the pubic hair on my thighs (which is why I really enjoy going to nude beaches, where there’s nothing to adjust or poke out of anywhere!)
– Speaking of nude beaches, I just moved to a place that is much more body-appreciative than where I was living before–I’ve noticed a few other non-shaving ladies and generally get the feeling that bodies of all shapes, sizes and levels of furriness are welcome here.
– I don’t think I mentioned this in my other post, but I have boob hairs. I did start plucking these out again, but not religiously (you’d be surprised how long those babies got before I gave in, though!).
– I must say, I’m glad I’m not trying to attract males, what with all this naturalness. Girls usually “get it” (when it comes to hair and many, many other things), and somehow I just don’t think I could find many guys who wouldn’t have girl body hair hangups.

Part of what made me stop shaving was admiration for what I saw as bravery in one of my close friends who stopped shaving her legs. I’m hoping that, just as she made me realize I could do it, I inspire others to go for it as well. Not people who like shaving their legs or don’t mind it, but people like me who have always hated it but feel trapped and don’t know how to not.

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3 Responses to Body Hair Update

  1. Bearded Bow Tie Guy says:

    It take a lot of courage to buck social convention. Recently I was chatting with someone in line at a coffee shop. She pointed out that she wasn’t wearing makeup, which she said would be a major faux pas in her native So. California. But in Maine people don’t notice because it’s so common.

    Body hair is a whole new level. She told me that in SoCal a lot of guys shave their chests, an idea I found baffling. But why? In my town there are women who don’t shave their armpits, but people do notice that.

    I read this article a few weeks back about a coat made from chest hair to protest the growing trend of male shaving:

    Ok, fine. But why is no one making a coat of female armpit hair to protest a senseless social convention that’s been around since the 1800s? So I think what you’re doing is truly meaningful.

    • I find makeup really interesting. I tend to notice consciously that people ARE wearing it more often than I notice consciously that they’re not.
      I wonder if most women are just too accustomed to their makeup faces to consider not bothering–perhaps many of them started applying makeup in middle or high school, when all sorts of face-related insecurities abound, and never got out of the habit.
      I just refuse to be so inconvenienced by something that at best is custom, just “what people do,” and at worst is maintaining misogynistic expectations for female bodies and behavior.

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