Religion and Accountable Talk

Welp. So much for coming out being easy.

My mother flew down here the day after I told her I had a girlfriend. Yesterday she bought a plane ticket to head back a day earlier than planned.

The worst is over, I know. But I can’t escape the frustration I felt from talking to her all weekend.

It is very easy for religious people to escape the accountability of conversation. Everything I said had a pre-packaged answer that snaked its way around logic:

Me: “It hurts my feelings when you say that.”
Her: “What’s worse; hurting your feelings or watching you burn in hell?”

Me: “Why can’t you just let it go and pray about it? Can’t God do this on his own?”
Her: “I am his hands and feet.”

Me: “What you’re saying isn’t logical.”
Her: “Of course it doesn’t seem logical to you, because you’re deceived by the devil.”

Me: “What if you’re the one who’s being deceived?”
Her: “I’m not, because I feel it. I know this is the truth.”

So there was literally no conversation to be had and no progress to be made. It was like trying to have a conversation with Stacey Pritchard.

If she would just engage in this like a real person, I would be willing to listen. I can see how she’s in a really tough position of believing something so hard that she doesn’t need it to be logical, especially when it comes to the salvation of her daughter. But this is exactly why people think all religious people are stupid and hateful, and it’s just too bad.

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2 Responses to Religion and Accountable Talk

  1. In the UK, we have the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. Is there anything like that in the US?

    How will your mother feel about not being able to just be with you? Will that make her accept who you are?

    You have my sympathy. It is horrible for your mother, falsely, to tell you that you will burn in Hell. God bless you.

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